What am I doing with my life?

So, you guys know I’ve been trying to do the Zero to Hero Challenge but, yet again, I rather lackluster prompt was posted today. The assignment was to write the post that motivated you to start blogging.

Well, as I mentioned in my introduction post, I started this blog because my friends basically asked me to start it. There was no major motivation, no big decision that needed to be blogged.

So I figured I’d talk about what I’m currently doing with my life.

Currently Reading: Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Sea of Monsters. I mentioned yesterday that I love Greek Mythology and my parents got me the whole Percy Jackson series for Christmas because I’m actually 12 years old. I’m kind of loving it.

Currently Watching: I am rewatching One Tree Hill on Netflix. This was one of my favorite shows in high school and I actually grew up about 45 minutes from the set. So as a treat to myself, post graduation, I decided to rewatch the show from the beginning. I’m on Season 2 right now.

Currently Listening: Beyonce’s album. I just really really love it. I’m also a little bit obsessed with Sky Ferreira. A friend recommended her music to me and I really enjoy her vocals. I also highly recommended Ryan Huston. His voice is so beautiful and he’s definitely not hard to look at, let me tell you.

So that’s my life outside of working my butt off at my job. I’m doing 35-40 hours a week right now and seriously missing sleep thanks to all of these late nights followed quickly by early mornings. But hey, it’s a job, right?


One thought on “What am I doing with my life?

  1. I would love to go visit the set! I am also currently re-watching it, I’m on season 8 now, I think 2 is my least favourite one. Also i love the Beyonce album Britney’s is also quiet good in my opinion!

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