30 Day Challenge: Hello, Old Friend.

9. Whether it’s an old friend or an old flame, most people have at least one person that they miss. Pick a person you miss and contact them. Text them, call them, email them, tweet them. Whatever is most convenient. Write about what happens. From: https://www.facebook.com/notes/30-day-photo-challenge/the-30-day-photo-challenge-days-and-descriptions/121880474545138

So, I’ve probably done very little of these posts ‘by the book’ of what Kristi, Maggie, and I were thinking when we initially planned this challenge but I usually tried to stay as close to within the implied rules as possible. Not today. Today, I’m cheating. (Honestly, I’ll be cheating tomorrow too but that’s mostly due to lack of time rather than anything else.)

Okay so I kind of lost most of my friends after the whole depression/high school drop out debacle of 2007. In part, it was because I was too depressed to keep in contact with people or they didn’t know how to deal with depression. In another part, my best friend at the time basically decided I wasn’t worthy of her presence and made all of my other friends choose between her and me. She wasn’t the obviously clinical one so most of them chose her.

Anyway, because of that, there are very few people in my past that I actively miss with whom I’m not in semi-regular contact. In fact, there are only two people whose lives I actually care to know about now and neither are good prospects for today’s prompt.

The first is an old friend who actually lived with me for a few years in my parents house so she could finish high school after her parents moved away. She basically abused our friendship and my parents’ kindness and when she finally dropped out of my life, I wasn’t really upset about it. Now though, I kind of just want to know how her life is simply because I want to know if her husband ever found out that the baby wasn’t his but rather her exboyfriend’s who was living in their house the whole time he was deployed. Yeah. I’m mean like that.

The other is the guy mentioned in the sex post and I actually have a bit of a story here. So, I got drunk on New Years. All stories with him seem to involve a lot of alcohol, I know. But I got drunk on New Years and I tweeted him. He has not responded. I didn’t expect him to respond, to be honest. We haven’t seriously spoken in over a year, he recently got married because he knocked his girlfriend up, (I’m a worryingly good internet stalker when I want to be) and he never really checks twitter anyways.

It’s for the best, really. Clearly, if you read the earlier post about him, you’d know how toxic our relationship is to me. But I contacted him and that’s the story. So it goes.


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