30 Day Challenge: Beauty School Dropout

17. Have you ever had a moment where you knew the rest of your life was going to be completely different, where something vital changed for you?

So, I mentioned way back on day 8 that I was going to talk about this today in more detail. So, as I’ve mentioned multiple times, I dropped out of high school when I was 17. And I knew the moment I did it, officially, my entire world had changed for the better and the worst.

Let’s start with the bad: I knew I’d disappointed my parents. I knew they wouldn’t treat me the same any more. I also knew that I was going to face the stigma of ‘high school dropout’ for the rest of my life.

Here’s the good part though. I knew at the time that I didn’t plan to be the typical drop out. I didn’t plan to be stagnant and just avoid things like college or even my high school diploma. I refused to let that define me.

I honestly think dropping out of high school made me work harder in college and in life, to prove that I wasn’t what you’d expect of someone who got her high school diploma outside of the typical practices. I refused to settle for less than my very best in everything I did from then on in my life. 

Thinking back on it now, and especially on the place I was within my own head and within my depression, I don’t think I would have graduated even if I stayed. If I stayed, I probably wouldn’t have lived to graduation at all. And that’s a terrifying reality to consider right now but it’s just proof of how good of a decision I made all those years ago. 

If anything, I’m living proof that the societal expectations aren’t always right and maybe beating your own path is the best option after all.


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