19. 5 Recommendations: Recommend 5 things (place, activity, book, movie, etc.) that you feel are hidden gems. Source:From: http://epitomeabsolute.com/home/?p=1094

Okay, that’s an intentionally pretentious title but I was reading an article on cosmo about ‘how to make your life better’ and it was complete BULLSHIT. So here’s five things that I’ve learned in my short 23 years of life that will definitely make your existence, if not better, at least more enjoyable.

1. Spend more time at the beach during the darker hours. Watch the sunsets, wake up for the sunrises, get drunk under the pier with friends while waiting for midnight the day before your birthday. The thing about the beach and especially the ocean is that it has this uncanny ability to make you feel enormous at the same time it’s making you feel small. Stand on the end of the pier as the sunrises and embrace your Leo DiCaprio, “I’m king of the world” moment. Walk along the edge of the water at 2 in the morning, watching the ebb and flow of the tide and question if this is the best it’s going to get, if this is all you’re worth. I know it’s so cliched and I know it’s kind of ridiculous. But there’s something beautiful about one place being both the beginning and the end of things, of one place being a reassurance and a destruction, and your ability to straddle those two feelings at once.


2. Befriend your siblings. Trust me, this is one of the hardest things I had to learn because my sister and I have always been oil and water, but there’s no one who knows you better and no one who will relate to you more than your siblings. “No way, my best friends know me best. My siblings don’t even understand me.” No. Sit down, shut up. Barring significant age gaps, no one else as been there since literally day one, no one else knows what you’ve been through better. Your sibling is literally your oldest friend. And trust me on this, they know more than you think they do, they see and hear more than you’re aware. It may take years. You both may have to move out and be out of each other’s space for a while to get to that point but 100% zero bullshit, your sibling is the one person who knows you inside and out better than anyone else in the world… except maybe your mom because moms know everything.

delete 2

3. Read more. First of all, almost every movie in theaters these days are based off of books. Read the damn book first. I mean it. And on that note, stop making yourself feel like shit for liking a book made for teenagers/young adults. If it’s a good book, just read it. I mean hell, an entire legion of people read the 50 shades series and that’s written so horribly that it’s not even worthy to be toilet paper. So read the damn Hunger Games and enjoy them! Second of all, and I’m about to go all ‘middle school English teacher’ on you, reading makes you smarter. It makes you a better conversationalist. It allows you to experience things you otherwise couldn’t experience. It makes you feel and love and hate and cry. Reading is something every human should do more of, I honestly believe.

delete 3

4. Don’t let social media rule your life. Okay, okay, this is kind of ironic since I currently have twitter, facebook, wordpress, and youtube open in different tabs. But trust me. Facebook drama or subtweeting or whatever is just not worth your time. The people in front of you right now, having a conversation with you, are more important than some girl you went to high school with who’s on her second baby with a second baby daddy but who’re marrying neither child’s father. It’s ridiculous to care about someone you don’t even speak to anymore. Maybe I should change that you use social media to help, not gloat. I studied media in college, especially the burgeoning role of social media. Use for good things, promoting positivity or humor or a good life, rather than stalking your ex or making others or even yourself feel bad. I’m still working on doing that better but hey, one step at a time.

delete 4 As seen on Shep689, created by the channel owner.

5. Branch out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s wearing a daring lipstick or talking to someone you’re crushing on from afar, just do it. I’m not saying go parasailing or drop out of school to join the circus, just do something fun and scary once in a while. It can completely change your outlook on the world. Just a note of warning though, avoid sitting down to talk to homeless people with weird signs. Trust me, it’s better to just not.

delete 5

So there are five activities you should do to enjoy your life more. They’re not foolproof and hell, they may just have worked for me, but I’m embracing the positive side of things and living my life day to day. I hope y’all are doing the same!


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