30 day challenge: stuck in America.

22. The government has decided that besides basic needs like food and clothing and shelter, each person may only have 10 possessions. This is a variation of the “you’re stuck on an island” thing. What 10 items do you decide to keep?

1. My iPad because Kindle App, even if there’s no wifi. Is there wifi? Like, I think I need wifi.

2. My iPod because I can’t sleep without music. My life is hard.

3. headphones because obvious

4. My Journal because I can’t stay in my head

omg this is hard like, those are basically all i need to survive.

5. I’m gonna put this here even though I never use it outside of the occasional call home but my cell phone.

6-10. books, I guess. I can’t think of anything else. Now, what four books? Let me make a list.

a. Pride and Prejudice because I really love it and I don’t get tired of reading it.

b. Edith Hamilton’s Greek Mythology because I’m a nerd.

c. Infinite Jest so maybe I’ll finally finish it.

d.  The Harry Potter Series. Because it counts as one. Shut up.


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