30 Day Challenge: Pretty and Witty and Gay

23. What’s something relatively “simple” you’d like to change about pop culture? For example: the use of ‘retarded’ synonymous with stupid in conversation.
From: http://thinktraffic.net/blog-post-ideas-for-more-traffic

So, pop culture has adapted some really crap ideas over the years. Like the example sited in the prompt, so many things have become common place in our vernacular that most people don’t realize how offensive they’re actually being.

I had another idea in mind when I came up with this topic but the snow that’s taking over the south right now as well as the fact that it’s been TWENTY THREE DAYS means I’ve forgotten it. So I’m just going to go with using the term ‘gay’ as a synonym for negative words like ‘stupid’ or ‘crappy.’

“That’s so gay” was a huge thing in my middle and high school years. At the time, most people didn’t understand how offensive it could be to people of the gay community. Using a moniker for a group of people as a synonym for something negative relates that negative idea to that group of people. It’s as simple that.


One thought on “30 Day Challenge: Pretty and Witty and Gay

  1. I agree. The English language is massive, and it makes no sense that people would choose that word when there are blindingly-obviously better alternatives. It angers me.

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