30 Day Challenge: blogger fail… womp womp

As you guys may or may not have noticed, I missed yesterday’s blog. In part, this is because I was at work and just had an overall busy day and with the snow and stuff, I just forgot to pre-write it. 

26. Take a memory from your childhood (one that you remember better by stories than by the actual memory) and write is as a short story from a third-person perspective.

However, after seeing the topic, I’ve decided to skip that one because I am SO NOT A writer. Kristi and Maggie are definitely more of the writer types, especially Kristi whose plays and short stories I’ve read over the last year or so. Holy canoli y’all. 

That’s just not how my creativity works. Clearly, I have no problem putting words onto the screen. I’m just so good with the ‘making up stories’ part of the writing process. Yeah. So, that’s a thing. Anyways, I’m about to write up today and tomorrow’s posts so I don’t miss anymore!


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