30 Day Challenge: Wrap it before you tap it.

So, as you probably noticed, I missed out on the last day of the 30 day challenge so I’m posting this to kinda wrap it up.

First of all: as an answer to the ‘what would be hardest if I suddenly had a penis’ question, I must say peeing because how the hell do you work that thing. Haha.

Now, as for my it’s taken me so long to write this: my computer has kind crapped out. It was already on its last leg but then shit happened and well… yeah. As for right now, I’ll be trying to get on sporadically but blogging is going to take a back burner to everything since I can’t really type on my iPad or phone as well as I can with a keyboard. I’ll let you guys know as soon as that can change.

For now, I’ll miss being about to blog regularly but I’ll see what I can do when I can.


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