Slacker-ville, population: Me

I’ve been trying to brainstorm things to write about but my life is so dull right now, you guys. All I do is work and sleep and work and sleep and it’s getting pretty damn obnoxious.

So let’s do a quick ‘what’s going on in my entertainment life’ update.

Currently Listening: Lea Michele’s debut album ‘Louder.’ I was super hesitant about it because she has such a broadway voice so I didn’t know how I’d like her doing her own music rather than that from Glee or broadway but the album is pretty amazing. I highly highly highly suggest you listen to the whole album but especially ‘On My Way’ because it’s just catchy and it’s about a feeling most people go through at some point in their life, with a love they shouldn’t have. Along that same like is ‘Burn with You’ because it is a GREAT shower/car sing-a-long song. 

Currently Reading: Still in that yoga book but I’m multitasking with some poetry. Richard Siken’s Crush is so heartbreakingly beautiful, y’all. Read it. Cry with me.

Currently watching: nothing… seriously. Like, technically, I’m still in the middle of Queer as Folk but that struggle is so real right now. I’m just not as into it as I was and it’s so unfortunate. Outside of that, I really haven’t had time for netflix lately. Sad, I know.

So that’s what I’m up to currently outside of work and sleep. Tomorrow starts 8 days in a row of working, in which I have two turn-arounds (working tip 10:30 the night before I have to be back to open in the morning). I’ll probably be dead on my feet and I doubt I’ll come up with anything interesting to write about until my next day off.

I hope you’re all having a lovely March. 😀


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