With the kissing and the sexing and that thing with the romance, yeah, that.

So, if you guys read this post or this post or even this post, you’ll understand why this is probably a topic that I shouldn’t be discussing with any form of authority but here I am. Let’s talk about relationships.

I have very few friends from my time in high school or even younger. I dropped out of high school and you kind of lose touch with most people after that. 

However, I have this one particular friend who I’ve known for at least 12 years now? And she just has the worst taste in men. All of her relationships have been borderline abusive, needy, clingy, messes where they break up and make up so often that I’m almost nostalgic for Romeo and Juliet’s idea of being so in love they kill themselves.

But it has me thinking about the nature of love and romance and why I’m still single.

This friend is not the only friend I’ve seen deal with these circumstances and it leads me to ask if that is how consuming love is supposed to be. Is there a difference between passion and desperation? Am I still single because I can’t find the reason to be that dramatic and frankly obsessive?

Is it wrong of me to think relationships aren’t supposed to have so many ups and downs? Hell, I hate the idea of dating. I’d much rather jump right to that comfortably domestic phase with reading while cuddling on the couch and not caring if your hair looks perfect. So the representation of relationships in my real life are just not something I’m interested in.

But I guess that’s why I’m single and all of these friends are having roller coaster romances. I’m more into comfortable intimacy whereas, in my observational experience, relationships seem to be more about tumultuous passion.


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