Life Update.

So, I’ve been sick as hell for the last week or so and insanely busy with work and my roommate’s senior art show before that so I’m been kind of MIA. I’ve had a lot of thoughts of what to post about but no time to write them out so we’re gonna do a quickie right now and update you guys on my ‘currently’ list at the moment.

Currently Listening: I recently downloaded Spotify so I’m all about finding new music so there’s a major variety going on there. I’m also loving Betty Who more and more than ever. I downloaded her EP months ago but I’ve just been really loving it more lately.

Currently Reading: I just finished Mindy Kaling’s “Is everyone hanging out without me?” and it was amazing. I highly recommend it! After finishing it, I finally started John Green’s “The Fault in Our Stars” so I’ll be crying for the next few days.

Currently Watching: “Don’t trust the B- in apartment 23” and what is my life? It’s hilarious. I wasn’t expecting it to be amusing but now I’m adoring it. Everyone should check it out!


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