Another Job Interview

What’s the saying about raining and pouring?

I’ve spent two months without as much as a single positive response to a job application. In the last month alone, I’ve put in over 100 job applications to receive multiple ‘we’ve gone in a different direction’ emails or some variation thereof.

Now, I mentioned last week that I recently got a job. It wasn’t a great job. It was 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, at a call center basically doing customer service. I haven’t STARTED that job yet because the training schedule is weird so I’m still waiting for that but I did ACCEPT that job.

Fastforward to yesterday, July 30, and I get a phone call. I applied for this teaching/tutoring gig at the local community college FOREVER ago and they called me YESTERDAY. Now I’m freaking out because, while teaching isn’t my dream career, it’s much closer than answering customer calls all day.

I have interview for that tomorrow, Friday, and in true Spencer Hastings manner, I’m over preparing and stressing for excellence. I’m also worried about what will happen if I’m offered this job and then I have to turn down the job at the call center. Will I appear flakey? Will it even matter, really?

On top of that, one of my former professors, who is now a close, dear friend, applied for a teaching job at this same school and didn’t get it. I feel like she deserves it so much more than me. She’s actually taught before. She has a masters. And I’m just little old me. It doesn’t make sense.

I’m excited for the interview anyways. I’m sincerely hoping I get it because it’s more applicable to what I want to do. It would also allow me to get my substitute teaching licensure, which the other job wouldn’t have given me time to do. So I guess I’ll keep you updated.

I hope you’re having a great week and I hope you’re enjoying my attempts to regulate posts (aka Monday and Thursday). Give me feedback. Tell me about your lives. I want to know those of you who read this.


Dream Librarian Jobs (aka the top five most beautiful libraries in the US, in my opinion)

I mentioned in my last post that I was planning to go to school to get a masters in library science. I also mentioned how much I would love to basically live in a library. No sane person would make that claim without having some kind of idea of what kind of library they’d love to, essentially, live inside.

Allow me to begin by showing you the library in which I spent the last three years of my life: Joyner Library at East Carolina University.

Unknown (10th street view)

images (mall view)

Basically, this place is GORGEOUS. And those columns right there? They chime when you walk through them. It was always so pretty in the mornings… until last year when they changed the music to something creepy. Felt like you were in a horror movie.

With that kind of academic influence, you have to know that my top five libraries are going to be insanely beautiful. (the following list is in no particular order.

1. George Peabody Library – Johns Hopkins University


Look at those stacks, that architecture, that lighting. It’s beautiful and majestic and I want to move into here. Look at it. It’s perfect.

2. Geisel Library – University of California at San Diego


First of all, it looks like it’s be turned upside down. That’s just so interesting! Add to that all that glass panelling. It’s beautiful and the internal lighting has to be beautiful.

3. Seattle Public Library


Another one with some interesting architecture. Again, floor to ceiling glass. You have to see it from the inside. It is insane.

4. Boston Public Library


This reading room looks so comfy and open and beautiful. It looks like somewhere a person could comfortably learn and just read for fun. It’s just so inviting to me.

5. New York Public Library


You know how I said there isn’t an order to this? Well, that’s mostly true. But I will admit that this is my favorite library on the list. Not only is this library insanely attractive on the inside and out, but it’s also HUGE! This library takes up half of a city block in New York. The other half of that city block is taken up by Bryant Park: the home of monuments and eateries and a carrousel and ice skating in the winter. It’s kind of my own little version of heaven.

Those are my top five most beautiful libraries in the US. Give me your opinions! Let me know your favorites! I’d love to check them out.