Do it yourself: 30-day blogging challenge.

I mentioned in my intro post that I basically started blogging because of Kristi and Maggie. Well, we also started attempted the Zero-to-Hero challenge and got bored pretty quickly. I mean, come on, you saw how I was having to configure the daily tasks to be even borderline interesting.

Anyways, since we were struggling so much with this challenge, Maggie had the brilliant idea to create our own! We each come up with ten topics to make a total of 30. Five were adaptations of ideas we found on other sites (and are linked in the post) and five were made up by our own, crazy brains.

We’re officially starting this tomorrow (January 6) but we thought we’d share the topics so anyone who’s interested can join us! Just let us know you’re following along and we’ll gladly follow along!

So, here it is: Our 30-Day Blog Challenge!

1. Post a picture of the most embarrassing item of clothing you own and explain its origins in your wardrobe.

2. Guilty pleasures: we all have them. What are yours?

3. Before meeting “The One,” the average woman will “kiss 15 men, enjoy two long-term relationships, have her heart broken twice…suffer four disaster dates, be stood up once, have been in love twice, lived with one ex-partner and had four one night stands.” According to this study, how close are you to finding “The One”?
4. Describe your ideal partner.

5. List 5 things you wish people knew about you without having to explain the, oftentimes lengthy, story behind them.

6. Let’s talk about sex. From kinks to fantasies to fun things you want to share. Don’t worry about sharing anything you don’t want to be public knowledge, just allow yourself to tap into your dirtier side for a bit. Heck, even write a steamy scene if you’re so inclined. Today, let’s get sexual.

7. Post a picture that makes you smile and write about why/what it represents.

8. Imagine how your life would be different if a particular significant moment/detail in your life was altered or never happened.

9. Whether it’s an old friend or an old flame, most people have at least one person that they miss. Pick a person you miss and contact them. Text them, call them, email them, tweet them. Whatever is most convenient. Write about what happens. From:

10. Find a fancy recipe that intimidates you. Cook it, post pictures, and share the results.

11. Write a letter to yourself at 16.

12. Insecurities. They’re a thing. Share at least one of yours and way you’ve managed to deal with it.

13. What would you do if you won a life-changing lottery jackpot? Would you move, still work, invest, start a new life?

14. Make a “5 Most Attractive Celebrities” list.

15. Let your inner stalker shine today. At some point, take a photo of someone attractive without them seeing and post it. From:

16. We’re all a little bit masochistic when it comes to music. What are the 5 songs that never fail to make you sad but you listen to anyway?

17. Have you ever had a moment where you knew the rest of your life was going to be completely different, where something vital changed for you? Talk about it.

18. Marnie from HBO’s Girls said “Sometimes being stuck in my own head is so exhausting it makes me want to cry.” What’s something you over-think too much?

 5 Recommendations: Recommend 5 things (place, activity, book, movie, etc.) that you feel are hidden gems. Source:From:

20. Make a 10-song playlist of your favorite songs at the moment and share.

21. Post a photo of something you’ve had for years and don’t really need or even want but can’t bear to part with because of its significance. Talk about why it matters so much to you.From:

22. The government has decided that besides basic needs like food and clothing and shelter, each person may only have 10 possessions. This is a variation of the “you’re stuck on an island” thing. What 10 items do you decide to keep?

23. What’s something relatively “simple” you’d like to change about pop culture? For example: the use of ‘retarded’ synonymous with stupid in conversation.

24. What religion, outside of your own, is the most fascinating to you? Why?

25. Give up something for a month, or plan to do something for a month and blog about your progress/struggles/triumphs. Source: From:

26. Take a memory from your childhood (one that you remember better by stories than by the actual memory) and write is as a short story from a third-person perspective.

27. List 5 quotes that mean a lot to you and explain their significance.From:

28. What does your dream house look like? You can describe the inside and outside or use photos you find online—whatever works best for you.

29. Share an unpopular opinion.

30. If you woke up with different reproductive organs (no matter what gender with which you identify), what do you think would be the biggest challenge for you?

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