The basics

For my first post after reintroducing myself to my blog, I’m going to do one of my ‘currently’ posts because why not tell you guys what I’m watching/reading/listening to at the moment?

Currently Reading: Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin. Yes, this is the book that newish Colin Farrell movie is based upon. The book is… rough to get into. But it was my grandmother’s favorite book. It was passed down to my aunt and then my stepdad and then to me so even though I’m struggling with it a bit, I’m reading it for them. If you knew these people, you’d know they don’t recommend books on a whim. It’ll be worth it.

Currently Watching: Greek. And crying my eyes out. This finale makes me cry like a baby EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I’m not sure what my next show is going to be. Maybe Weeds? I’ve heard great things. I really want to get into Shameless but I’m more into shows that are already finished so we’ll see.

Currently Listening: Oh Honey! Omg, I’m obsessed with this band. I heard their song ‘be okay’ on the radio and it’s my go-to happy place song. Sometimes you just need something fun and refreshing!


Life Update.

So, I’ve been sick as hell for the last week or so and insanely busy with work and my roommate’s senior art show before that so I’m been kind of MIA. I’ve had a lot of thoughts of what to post about but no time to write them out so we’re gonna do a quickie right now and update you guys on my ‘currently’ list at the moment.

Currently Listening: I recently downloaded Spotify so I’m all about finding new music so there’s a major variety going on there. I’m also loving Betty Who more and more than ever. I downloaded her EP months ago but I’ve just been really loving it more lately.

Currently Reading: I just finished Mindy Kaling’s “Is everyone hanging out without me?” and it was amazing. I highly recommend it! After finishing it, I finally started John Green’s “The Fault in Our Stars” so I’ll be crying for the next few days.

Currently Watching: “Don’t trust the B- in apartment 23” and what is my life? It’s hilarious. I wasn’t expecting it to be amusing but now I’m adoring it. Everyone should check it out!

Slacker-ville, population: Me

I’ve been trying to brainstorm things to write about but my life is so dull right now, you guys. All I do is work and sleep and work and sleep and it’s getting pretty damn obnoxious.

So let’s do a quick ‘what’s going on in my entertainment life’ update.

Currently Listening: Lea Michele’s debut album ‘Louder.’ I was super hesitant about it because she has such a broadway voice so I didn’t know how I’d like her doing her own music rather than that from Glee or broadway but the album is pretty amazing. I highly highly highly suggest you listen to the whole album but especially ‘On My Way’ because it’s just catchy and it’s about a feeling most people go through at some point in their life, with a love they shouldn’t have. Along that same like is ‘Burn with You’ because it is a GREAT shower/car sing-a-long song. 

Currently Reading: Still in that yoga book but I’m multitasking with some poetry. Richard Siken’s Crush is so heartbreakingly beautiful, y’all. Read it. Cry with me.

Currently watching: nothing… seriously. Like, technically, I’m still in the middle of Queer as Folk but that struggle is so real right now. I’m just not as into it as I was and it’s so unfortunate. Outside of that, I really haven’t had time for netflix lately. Sad, I know.

So that’s what I’m up to currently outside of work and sleep. Tomorrow starts 8 days in a row of working, in which I have two turn-arounds (working tip 10:30 the night before I have to be back to open in the morning). I’ll probably be dead on my feet and I doubt I’ll come up with anything interesting to write about until my next day off.

I hope you’re all having a lovely March. 😀