30 Day Challenge: Smile like you mean it.


7. Post a picture that makes you smile and write about why/what it represents.

So, today’s challenge was kind of hard for a few reasons. Number one: I have too many pictures from which to choose. In fact, I have an entire door covered in JUST PICTURES that mean something to me.

I was going through facebook though, and I found this one. That very blurry photo was taken the first weekend I moved into my apartment at college. Those three goofy kids have been my roommates since 2011 and we’re a family.

As you can see, there’s some alcohol in that picture. Like any 21 year old college kids, we decided to get to know each other by drinking excessively and goofing off. There was a lot of ‘I never’ and ‘truth or dare’. I’m pretty sure this is the night Kim (the girl in the center of the photo) ended up cutting her foot on a broken airplane bottle.


I’m pretty sure this photo also came from that night. Clearly, we’re the most fun roommates ever.

But yeah, these are some photos that always make me smile. They represent the beginning of a new part of my life and new friendships. They’re my family away from home.