My Strange Addiction: Audition videos

Being jobless at the moment and driving myself crazy with job application after job application, I’ve needed to find a fun and relaxing way to unwind.

This morning, after my fourth application in the last two days suddenly disappeared mid-typing, I got so fed up that I started looking up random stuff on YouTube.

I have spent the last four hours watching talent show audition videos.

I’ve discovered blind auditions for the various versions of The Voice around the world are my favorites because they’re completely talent-based. It doesn’t matter how you look or what you’re wearing, as long as you can sing your ass off.

I’ve realized how much something like that is so important in our society today, being overrun with impossible beauty standards and expectations of action. These standards are generally applied to women but even men have ridiculous checklists to live up to.

The idea that the first impression is the most important is insanely accurate. If you’ve ever been in high school, you know how many judgments are made about people simply based on the clothes they wear, the color of their skin, and whether they own whatever happens to be ‘in’ at the time.

Why is our society so set in these ideas? Does the way someone looks or what they buy really affect the kind of person they are?

The answer is obviously no but most people are so busy focusing on the material things that they’re unwilling to take the time to actually figure out what kind of person someone is.

Suddenly, online dating makes way more sense.