30 Day Challenge: Driver, Roll up the partition please… (aka a ridiculously long post of my sexual history that amounts to a whole bunch of nothing)

6. Let’s talk about sex. From kinks to fantasies to fun things you want to share. Don’t worry about sharing anything you don’t want to be public knowledge, just allow yourself to tap into your dirtier side for a bit.

So, today’s topic was chosen by me mostly because Kristi and I wanted to find a topic to make Maggie uncomfortable. After reading Maggie’s post, I assume we were successful. However, after reading Kristi’s post and now that I’m thinking about my post, I don’t think we realized how awkward/weird/uncomfortable we’d be talking about this in front of people we do and do not know.

However, I am nothing if not committed so I’m gonna jump right in, share too much detail of the the completely PG rating, and solidify my place as romantically doomed.

Let’s start with this fact: I’m still a virgin. And yes, I have heard the ‘on your way to being a 40 year old virgin’ comments. I don’t really care about them. I am a virgin in every possible way except kissing and even there, I’m pretty inexperienced. This is going to get a bit longer than usual so let’s just add a ‘more’ tag right here.

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